Who Do We Work With

Our ongoing success depends on the people we work with and the value we give them. Our clients include leading companies in all sectors and sectors that consider themselves leaders in their own business. Our speakers and panelists are among the most recognized experts in their field. We organize our summers in the best places

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What We Do

Corpolinx specialises in delivering strong programs and content to engage delegates in an innovative way. We have a genuine focus on researching and delivering conferences that are content-rich with networking opportunities for our delegates. This is all possible by conducting months of in-depth industry research with top talent on subject matter at hand, whilst having

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Who We Are

Corpolinx researched and creates B2B conferences & summits that seek to promote issues of global relevance. Our events offer unique platforms to learn and share knowledge, and form relationships with key decision makers. Corpolinx conferences are more than just about delivering events, they are about delivering rich experiences.

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In a world of rapidly progressing technology, dynamic markets and ever changing regulations, it is essential to keep your staff up to speed with these developments.

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Bespoke Training & Events

Corpolinx bespoke events are specially designed to cater to your customized needs and parameters.

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Masterclass is specifically designed for the upcoming leaders in all industries.

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Conferences – B2B Events

Our conference frame work is backed by latest research on topicaland critical issues affecting business community.

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